Friday, September 14, 2012

House Tour: Kitchen/Dining Room

The kitchen was the last room we painted. It was a big chore getting this painted because we did the kitchen and the hallway upstairs the same color. I had to work half day when it was time to paint the kitchen. Shane got up when I went to work and headed over to get started, he had a lot done when I got there so I got busy to finish helping him. We had to work hard to get the kitchen done in one day because this was the day our dining room table was being delivered. But don't worry we finished in no time! 

The kitchen again was just plain old white. 

It was between 2 colors that we liked for the kitchen. After putting them on the wall we decided on Mid Day Mocha. It turned out to be a great color. And it was perfect for our wine theme that we were doing. :)

 The finished picture! I love our dining room. I love sitting there now and eating dinner with my hubby. It's so nice to have a table to eat at.

 The bare kitchen before I unpacked everything.

And finished. It took a little while to put everything up. We had much more cabinets here then the town home, so it was kinda overwhelming trying to find places for everything and making sure it was perfect! LOL 

 When we had our house inspection the guy said he did you see this...And he touched this thing under the cabinets and tada there were lights under there! It was so cool! No all the cabinets have lights but one day soon they will. I just love the lights under there it so fun and cool looking. :)

Stay tuned..still more to come!

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