Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

It has been way too long since I have done a Weekend Recap post. So I'm hoping now to get back into the routine of these post. :)

I hope everyone enjoyed there 3 day weekend (well if yo got one). I just love long weekends and wish I had them every weekend!

Friday: Every Friday night we go to Fronteras for dinner and drinks. When we moved we wanted to find a place that we could go to on a regular basic and this is the place! We love this place. The food is so good!

Saturday: We got some stuff done around the house and a I cleaned the whole house. Later that evening we had our family housewarming party. It was such a good time and I loved showing off our home! I will be posting picture later on this.

Sunday: We did a lot of running around Sunday afternoon. First stop was the grocery store, then Lowe's, Hen House, The Comic Book store (yes my hubby has decided to start reading them), Home Depot, Target then finally we were done and went home. That night my day came over to see our house since he didn't make it to the party. After he left we cooked out steaks and had our first dinner outside on the deck. It was so nice! I love it.

Monday: Our extended weekend day off! I got up and did our bedding in our bedroom. Then we went outside and put together our rocking chairs we got for a housewarming gift. Earlier this summer got a little blow up swimming pool, so Shane wanted to put that up and hang in it. It was a hot day and a good day to spend the holiday sitting in a pool enjoying some beer. So that's what we did! Shane also smoked a brisket for dinner that evening and we had a couple friends come over.

I hope everyone has a good short work week!!

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