Wednesday, September 12, 2012

House Tour: Family Room

I decided to stay home from work today because my poor doggie isn't feeling well. She had me up almost every hour from 3:30am till about 7am. I felt so bad for her and I didn't want her staying in her kennel getting sick and stuff. That would be no fun. I hope she starts feeling better soon! Since I stayed home and now I have some free time...I decided it's time to start posting pictures of our house the before and after! I think I'm going to do this room by room so there aren't a ton of pictures in one post. 

So let's start with the Family Room. This was the first room we painted after we got the keys. I was so excited to get started painting so we could get everything moved it. :) The day we decided to paint this room was the Saturday after we closed and Shane had to work. I decided there was no need to sit around while he works so I headed over to the house and got busy with cleaning the walls and starting taping stuff off. So once he got off and to the house we could get busy on painting. We had a couple friends come over that evening and help with this room and we ordered pizza and had beer. What else could you ask for when painting. LOL :) 

(Before) - The family room started out a blue color....

(After) - We painted it a Driftwood Grey.

 And here is the family room once everything is moved in! I think it turned out good and I love it. I really had a good time making sure everything was set up nice and looked good. We didn't really have to buy much for this room. We bought a corner shelf, DVD tower (which you can't see), Rugs, Pillows for the couch and some pictures I believe that's all we needed to make this room complete.

 If you notice the dog on the love seat. That is her spot to be lazy. LOL. I tried putting her bed by the fireplace but she would never sleep on it she always went to the love seat. This was her spot at the old home and her spot now at the new home. She also has another favorite spot which is on the couch behind where Shane sits. It's so funny when she is super sleepy and is up there she starts snoring in his ear. Love it! 

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