Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Brandon!!

It totally passed my mind that I didn't wish my brother a Happy Birthday on my blog this year. 
Don't worry I did remember his birthday the day it came. :)

My brother turned the big 20 on Thursday January 10th. We all went out on Sunday the 13th to celebrate with him. We went to dinner at Margarita's his favorite place. We did gifts and cupcakes there as well. 
It was a nice dinner with the family!

Opening gifts, my brother lost all his socks and for some strange reason he hasn't went and got more. 
So, this year our Grandma, Shane and I all got him a packages of socks! LOL. 
 Shane and I also got him a couple of long sleeve shirts.
 These are the cupcakes Shane and I made for his birthday. The cake and the frosting are all made from scratch. They turned out super yummy! Recipe to come shortly.

Hopefully my brother had a good birthday this year! :)

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