Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Again I'm still a little behind with sharing holiday pictures, but this is the last of them and then it's time to more forward with 2014. Haha!

This year we had 4 Christmas' you could say. We did Christmas Eve at our place with my sister and brother, Christmas day we went to Shane's family and that evening to my Grandma's and on New Year's Day my mom, sister and brother came over to do Christmas with my mom. We had a good Christmas this year and enjoyed all the family time we got.

Christmas Eve at our place:
We got Kasey a Vera Bradley purse and coin purse.
We got Brandon new shoes.
I made Kasey, Brandon and my mom each a memory frame for Grandpa. I made myself one too and it's already hanging up in the hallway. :)
Had to get a group picture!

Christmas at Shane's Dad house:
Sydney and the book we got her.
Erica was so excited we got her a Hello Kitty purse, she LOVES Hello Kitty. :)

We got Paige a personalized art set with paints, crayons, colored pencils etc...and her name was on the front of it.
Shane and I

Christmas at Grandma's:
Family pictures. I get one of these every year! :)
Heather, Me, Kasey & Brandon
 Me and Lexan. He's getting so big!
 Landon just hanging out. Isn't he the cutest!
 He was passed out cold and look he is posing for the camera already! :)

I didn't get pictures with the Christmas with my mom but it was a good year!

Looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for us!


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