Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting Organized

I'm always looking for new ways to organize things around the house and of course I always find great ways on Pinterest. Last week I decided to do 2 ideas that I found on Pinterest that were cheap and easy to do right away.

The first thing I did was organize our manuals to everything around the house. I just had them all in a drawer in the kitchen and it was so messy, it drove me nutty. Haha! When I seen this idea I was like YES let's do it. I had everything I needed except 1 big binder to do this project, so it really only cost $3 to do this.

I divided the tools and household ideas into separate binders. I tried doing them all in one but we have so many it was too thick and wouldn't close. We will prolly have to invest in a bigger binder for the household items soon if we get anymore, that one is about to be overfilled as well. 

The 2nd thing to get organized was batteries. We normally just tossed them all together in a Ziploc bag, but sometimes that didn't work we just tossed them in the junk drawer. My husband is always saying I know we have these kind of batteries but couldn't find them. LOL. This plastic organizer I got for this was like $4.00 so another cheap project done and looks good.

Now doesn't this look easier to find instead of just tossed in a bag, I think so!

That was the fun of getting organized last week. :)

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