Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy 21st Brandon!!

Yesterday my brother turned the BIG 21 !!! I can't believe he is 21 already, my how time flies and they grow up so fast! We went out last night to celebrate at Margarita's. My brother isn't the huge type to want to go out and party and drink it up on his 21st. We keep his birthday low key with some family and friends. I did tell him he had to order an alcoholic beverage though, HAHA! My brother also isn't a big drinker or I should say never drinks, so his first drink he decided he wanted to order was strawberry daiquiri. He really seemed to enjoy it and when I looked back to see how he was doing on drinking it he was just sucking it down! LOL. He even ordered a 2nd drink, WOW! I was debating on weather I should make him take a shot of something but my hubby said no I shouldn't do that, so of course I was the nice sister and didn't do that to him. But it sure would have been funny! 

I had a good time celebrating with him last night and he seemed to enjoy himself as well. Good times!

I made him a chocolate cake, it turned out super yummy but very sweet. But that's okay everyone did enjoy it. Recipe to come soon!
 First drink being 21!
 Having a drink with my brother, still crazy he can go out drinking with me now. HAHA!
 All us siblings! 

Having fun with his friends. 

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