Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Kickball Game (Pitch, Please!)

Shane and I joined a Kickball Team for this fall with some of our friends. Our first game was last night, and let me tell you I didn't expect to have SO much fun! We had a blast playing our first game and the team we played made it much more fun to be there.
Before the game some of us decided to go to The Other Place and grab some dinner and a few drinks before heading out game to our 8:30pm. That was a fun pregame meeting and a great start to our first game.
We actually won our first game and we were so excited about this. I believe the score was 5-2 but some other team members say something different but we will find out for sure when they post the scores online. :) Either way we won and that's awesome to start off the season!

Here are some pictures from our first game. 

The Girls are ready to play!! And Coach Falls is napping so she is ready to coach. :)
Hanging in the dug out
Gotta have the beer for the kickball game!

Elizabeth preparing to kick
Czyz running to 1st.....doesn't he look excited. Haha
Shane being a good 3rd base coach

After our game some of us went to the bar to celebrate our first game and of course our WIN. We invited the other team to join us b/c they were awesome to play our 1st game! Lets hope all the other teams are this much fun! We are looking forward to playing every Friday!

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