Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loose Park

A couple of weekends ago when I did  Alexis & Zayne's Photo Shoot at Loose Park I took some pictures of the pretty scenery around the park. I really liked doing the photo shoot there it was so big and was great for getting different backgrounds and scenery for the pictures. I'm going to be taking my sister there for some of her Senior pictures this weekend (stay tuned for pictures). This of course will be one of the couple places I plan on taking her. :) I'm very excited to do her picture and it will be so fun.

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took at the park.

Can you see the rainbow?!

I think on the weekends I want to start going to different places and just shoot some pictures. I think this will help me get more involved and get better at taking pictures. I'm really excited to be getting more involved with pursuing Photography! I love pictures so I think this career will fit me prefect! I just need lots of practice and I will be a pro before I know....LOL ;).

I'm also looking forward to going to Mexico I know I will get some awesome pictures down there! I will be anxious to share when we get back....We leave in just 10 day!

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