Friday, September 2, 2011

T-Rex w/ Lexan

My nephew turned 5 back on the 23rd and for his birthday Shane and I decided to take him to the T-Rex Cafe as his gift. We wanted to do something different for him instead of clothes and toys like always. We thought he would enjoy this.
Last Sunday was the day we took him there. At first he was scared of the huge dinosaurs but the more time we were in there he warmed up to them. He actually was putting his head inside the one by our table. HAHA! By the time we left he didn't want to go he wanted to watch them all. LOL. He had  a good time there. He got to dig in the sand for dino fossils he really enjoyed that. I think this was a great birthday gift for him!

This was at the door when you walked in
This was right in front when you walked in the door. Lexan wasn't too sure about this but when we were leaving he wanted to stay and watch it. LOL
Uncle Shane made him a penny. He was excited. haha

Big smile for having fun!
Aunt Courtney and Lexan waiting for lunch
He was having fun touching the dinos tongue.
Digging in the sand
This was the face of someone who DID NOT want to leave. :(

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