Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Feel Fall Coming.....

I'm so glad the heat has decided to leave us and bring on this cooler weather. I'm loving it!! The windows opened in the evening, walks at night and the smell of crisp fresh air. Awe Fall Time. Kira and I have definitely been enjoying walks more that we can stand to be outside. It's been wonderful walking every night after work and not sweating and just enjoying this cool weather.With fall finally coming I'm ready to get our house smelling like it....Last weekend at the store I got some pumpkin spice candles and I can't wait to get more fall scents this weekend to put up in the house. I love the smell of fall. I'm also thinking of decorating more this year but we will see if I make that happen. Fall may now be my favorite season, I love it!!!

The candles I got from the store. Pumpkin Spice they smell delicious!

Kira loves when the windows are opened....She just lays on the couch and looks out the window. She has tried to claw her way out once b/c she wanted something. Little Brat. HaHa!
The back door is her spot as well but she usually lays on the floor looking like a frog. :)
And of course you can't have nice weather without the husband doing a little grilling. 
The chicken is all ready to go one.
Our dinner tonight....Chicken Legs, Corn, Noodles & Garlic Bread

I hope everyone has been enjoying this nice weather as much as I am! I'm looking forward to this weekend as well with nice weather. I will be outside as much as I can.....and you can beat I will be taking pictures of whatever I can find. ;)

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