Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 Days 10 Things - Day Two

Days 2  is all about my favorite foods! 

1. Hot Wings....This is one my of my weaknesses. I LOVE hot wings and could just eat them all the time. There are a few favorite restaurants that I just love to eat wing at, I would prolly have to say Hooters is my favorite place.

2. Pizza...I love me some good pizza! We have a little pizza place down the street from us that we do love. We don't eat there a whole lot but it's some delicious pizza.

3. Tacos...Mexican tacos I love! Mexican is my favorite food and I could eat it everyday and never get sick of it. Margarita's is my all time favorite restaurant to eat at. We had them cater our wedding, yes that's how much I love that place.

4. Shrimp...All I used to eat before was popcorn shrimp. I used to think all other shrimp was gross. Well when I meet Shane that all changed...He made shrimp boil one night for dinner and I just loved it! So now I like all kinds of different shrimp. Shrimp Boil I will say is my favorite right now.

5. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich...Love these!! That's all I need to say

6. White Chili...I love chili when it starts getting cold outside. I will make this about once a week in the winter time. I never heard of White Chili till I meet Shane. I thought it was weird at first but now that I make it a lot I love it!

7. Tootsie Rolls...I know this isn't a food, but I do love me some Tootsie rolls. I forgot how much I really did like them until I bought some over the weekend and I have almost ate the whole bag. Eeek that's bad but oh well they are yummy!

8. Pickles...I love me some pickles. I have to eat at least 2 at a time. HaHa!

9.Breakfast...I love breakfast foods. We eat breakfast a lot for dinner. Some weekends I will wake up and make a full breakfast bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast. Yum love breakfast foods!

10. Ribs...I guess I should say only Shane's Ribs.LOL. Once my hubby started smoking ribs all the time and get really good at it I learned to like them. During the warm season he likes to smoke meat as much as he can. Right now his are the only ones that I can stand to eat and they are delicious!

Well now I can say I'm hungry for everything on this list! LOL

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