Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 days 10 things - Day Four

Day 4 is about movies. It takes a lot for me to get into movies. I have to really be into this towards the beginning or I will fall asleep. LOL. The movies I'm going to list are some of my favorites I could watch over and over.

1. Twilight Series...I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn Part I to come out. I love all these movies!

2. The Fast and The Furious...Love this movie!!! It's prolly because I just love Vin Diesel. :)

3.Sweet Home Alabama...Such a cute and sweet movie.

4. The Hangover...Do I really need to explain why this one....FUNNY!!

5. The Hangover Part II...Again do I need to explain why....

6. Grease...This is an old one but I just love the movie.

7. Now & Then...Another old one. I can watch this movie over and over. It's too cute.

8. Coyote Ugly...This movie wants to make me dance when I watch at. Haha!

9. Harry Potter Series...I have loved all these movies. I'm excited to start the books.

10. Transformers...I wasn't sure about these movies when they first came out but now I love them.

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