Saturday, November 12, 2011

10 days 10 things - Day Six

Day Six is about things on my wish list. With Christmas coming up I thought this would be fun to do.

1. Camera Bag...As I grow in photography equipment I'm needing a bigger bag to hold everything. I found one that I think will do great.

2. Photography books...I love learning new things in photography. I think these book would be great to read. Right now I can't afford to take classes in photography but I'm learning things on my own as I go along.

3. Boots...I own a pair of these boots already in black so now I want the brown ones. These are great boots and comfy. They are good in the snow too as they have rubber soles so you won't fall down. LOL

4. Perfume...I love to smell good. I had a ton of samples of perfume and out of them these 2 were my favorite!

5. Fish eye lens...I have been wanting on of these for awhile now. I love the way they make pictures look. I haven't done a lot of research on what type I want but I know I want one.

6. Heels...I need new heels for work. I currently have an old pair of Mudd ones and I love but it's time for new ones. The new ones I want are also Mudd.

7. KU Basketball Game...I would really love to go to a game. They look like a lot of fun! So maybe this year we will make it to one. We shall see.

8. Work from Home...This is a BIG wish but hey it's a wish of mine. I can dream can't I?! Hopefully one day this will be possible. It's prolly WAY fair down the road but still I'm dreaming.

9. New House...In 2012 we are hoping to buy a house! One day we both would like to build our own home so it's just how we want it. But first we will start off the easy way and buy one. Then hopefully one day we will be ready to build our own.

10. Camera...I hope to add to my collection one day. This is a way new version of my camera so one day maybe it will have a home with me.

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