Friday, November 4, 2011

Photo Shoots

I have talked a lot before about getting more involved in doing photography. I love pictures and I love taking all different kinds of pictures. My goal this year was to get in more practice so I could get better at taking photos. I'm happy to say that I have had lots of practice in the last couple of months!! I have had so much fun doing photos shoots for people and just taking my camera out and shooting whatever. I have also got a few books that I need to start reading so that I can learn more. Photography I'm loving and I believe I will always love! Pictures just say so much and I love seeing how happy people are when I'm finished with them and the are wonderful memories to look back on. :)

A few months back I posted on my facebook for people to schedule photo shoots with me. This was one way for me to get more practice in. I'm glad to say this was a success and last month I did 6 photo shoots. I'm hoping to be able to do more this year and lots more next year and more after that and that well you get the point. :)
So this is what I'm offering to help me get in more practice.....

I'm currently in Lenexa, KS and I will shoot anywhere in KS area or in the Northland area (as long as I'm not driving hours somewhere. LOL)

Kids, Seniors, Families etc......

 $50 for a 2 hour session
Picture editing
Unlimited outfit changes
Your choose of 1 location
All pictures on a CD and mailed to you

If anyone is interested in setting up a photo shoot please contact me @ or through Facebook. I'm hoping I can make good photos memories for you and your family.

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