Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume Party

Halloween has become one of Shane and I favorite holiday. We bought some new decorations once we got moved into our house and we plan on adding more as the years come! 
We decided this year to have a Halloween Costume Party. We both were very excited for this and got our costume like a month or so early. We kinda went all out but it was so worth it, I loved my costume. 

We got a scene setter for our formal living area. It was pretty cool. :)

 This was kinda my photo area of where I took pictures of everyone.
 I was a vampire. I loved how my costume came together. My nails I got from Wal-Mart didn't last very long. HaHa but that's what I get for buying $3 fake nails. They were cool why they lasted.
Up close of my eyes and fangs! 

 Shane was a werewolf. I loved his costume as well. It was awesome!
 Up close of eyes and fangs. His eyes were freaky!!
 Dang werewolf trying to kill me! LOL ;)
 Isn't she the cutest Cabbage Patch Kid ever! Well I think she is. :)

We had a great time at our party and we are hoping to make it a yearly thing at The Wickliffe house!


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