Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The trees are turning....

The one thing I love about Fall is watching the trees change color! There such pretty trees out there that change to such pretty colors! I could spend all day taking pictures of the beautiful trees.

This year we finally have our own trees that we can watch change colors and see how pretty they become in the Fall. Last weekend when I was outside I noticed the tree in the backyard was starting to change to a pretty red. I was so excited that we had a tree changing and it's going to be so pretty when it's done changing! I can't wait for it, but we will have ton of leaves, LOL. 

This picture was taken Sunday 10/7/2012

These were taken 10/9/2012 (just a few days later) And you can so see the difference I love it! 

And these were taken today with the sun shining on it 10/10/2012

I need to keep an eye on the front one as well. I noticed today that it's slowly starting to change too! :)

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