Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leaves Leaves Leaves....

I have really been enjoying watching our big tree in the backyard change daily. It's so pretty! We are going to have a ton of leaves once they all decide to fall off, but I can't wait to see them all over our yard. :)

Thursday night I decided to take some pictures of the leaves that have already fell off. I just love all the fall colors!

These are the leaves that have fell on the ground already. Aren't they pretty so far?!
 This is one of my fav's I took Thursday night. 
 This is the top of the tree, the leaves are starting to fall from the top. So I thinking if it keeps that up the top will be bare and the rest will have leaves. LOL.
 I can't wait for this whole tree to turn red! It's going to be so pretty!

Here is our tree in the front yard. It hasn't started changing a whole lot but it's working on it. I need to take some more pictures of the full tree. These pictures are just of the top of it. 

I thought the sunset was pretty and this was just a cool picture that I captured.
 Here is the top of the tree out front. You can see where just the top is starting to change. I will try and get more pictures of the full tree so you can see how big this one is as well. We are going to have a ton of leaves between the backyard tree and the front yard one!

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