Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brittany & Nathan's Wedding

Going back again to June.....At the end of June I got to do another wedding. A girl I used to work with her daughter got married. It was such a cute little county wedding. I love the cute but simple weddings. :) The wedding ceremony was outside and lucky the weather was nice, it was little too windy but other than that it was a perfect day for a wedding outside. This was the first wedding I did outside and it turned out good (at least I think, LOL). It took me about a month to get her pictures done but she loved them, which makes me happy. I get so nervous with shooting such a BIG day for someone. :) 

Here are some pictures from the wedding.

 I just loved the idea of the guest sitting on hay bales. Such a cute idea! 

 Their son was so sleepy all he wanted was his mommy. So, there he is sharing the first kiss between mom & dad. :) 

 This is one of my fav's, so glad we got the little guy to stand still so I could capture this quickly. 

To see more pictures from this shoot, please visit my Facebook Page.

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