Friday, August 2, 2013

More Birthday Celebrating

It wouldn't be a full birthday without a family dinner with my side of the family. Yes, some of my family was at my Luau but not everyone. I like to have my birthday dinner every year with just the family. :) 
This year not everyone could make it, so it was just a few of us. My Grandma and her friend were the last hanging with us at the end of the night. Love her so much! We went to Fronteras for my dinner. 

Wine Brittle my G-ma got me, it was really yummy! 
 She also got me a wine glass with my birth May on it. 
 And a cute ring from Stella & Dot. I just love it and wear it everyday!
 Of course they sing there and give you free fired ice cream. One of the servers we always see on Friday's thought it would be funny to put whipped cream on my nose. LOL 

 My Grandma and Me, I love her she's so cute! 
 Since we are regular's here the server who put whipped cream on my nose gave me a free HUGE Tequila shot. Look how big that it! It's 3 shots in One. I'm not a huge tequila fan so this wasn't very hard for me to chug down but I did it! 

That concludes the end of all my birthday celebrating for this year. 

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