Thursday, August 8, 2013

Angela & Jeremy's Wedding

This spring or summer I haven't done hardly any photo shoots. When I hurt my ankle I couldn't really get out and shoot pictures. LOL. But the shoots I have done have been 2 weddings! Very exciting for me! Both weddings I did were both in June. The first one I did was June 14th . The couple got married in the morning at the court house then in the evening they had a reception with some family and friends at their house. It was a cute and simple gather. I was happy to be there and captures the moments of her special day. 

Here are some pictures from the Wedding
The beautiful bride Angela
 I just loved her shoes! 

 The newly married couple Angela and Jeremy. Congrats guys! 

 Both families are now one. Holy cow 6 kids!! :)

 Having fun at the reception dancing away. 

 Cutting the Cake
 This is what happens while cutting the cake to serve people. There was cake and icing everywhere! LOL 
 Yep they even go the bride with icing. :) 

To see more from this shoot, please visit my Facebook Page.

I will be posting the 2nd wedding I did soon....Stay tuned for those pictures. 

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