Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Luau Birthday to ME!!!

Let's go back to May for a moment.....My Birthday was May 31st and I turned 29 (almost 30!). I wanted to have a big party this year to celebrate my last year in my 20's. :) The theme I picked for my party was a Luau. We spent a lot of time getting ready for the party with decorating and making tons of food and desserts for our guest. Everything was worth all the work though. Shane was awesome and smoked 2 pork butts for my party and we made some yummy sides to go with it.  We had so much fun decorating and getting dressed up for my party. I had a great turn out and had LOADS of fun! Couldn't have asked for a better party. 

Next year for my 30th I'm hoping to be in Key West, FL living it up!!! 
Great way to start out my 30's right?!? 

Here are some pictures from my Luau Party. I'm thankful that one of my friends had a Luau Party last year that I took pictures at, so a lot of my decorations she let me borrow! 

My sign a friend had made for me to hang out front. Love it! 

 My wreath was made by my sister in law Jordann. It turned out super cute! 
 Decorations on the back door. 
 Little tiki guys hanging from the umbrella. 
 Even our deck needed a skirt on. Hehe :) 
 Our Pub all dressed up.
 I made homemade strawberry cake for a friend b/c his birthday is just a few days before mine and I made cake pops. Everything turned out super good! 
 Birthday Girl! 
 We made a punch that was a big hit, I wish we would have gotten more stuff. 
But who would have known it was so yummy. 
Isn't my husband cute! He smoked some yummy pork butts for my party. He had a LONG day with getting up super early to get it started. Love him for all his hard work he did! 
 Sydney, Jordann & Paige 
 My guest having fun outside. 
 Family picture time! 
 Birthday shots for the birthday peeps. 
 This is my lovely friend who made my sign and let me use her decorations. 

That concluded my 29th Birthday Celebration. It was such a good time, now let's see next year what 30 holds for me. :) 

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