Friday, August 30, 2013

Grandpa Update

It has been 2 weeks now since my grandpa had his kidney surgery. It has been a rough road but we have been keeping things together as best as possible. 

After waiting for over a week the Dr. finally gave us the test results. This isn't the news that we wanted to hear but we are dealing with what they told us. 
My Grandpa does have cancer and it has spread to his lymph nodes. The Dr. said they aren't going to do any kind of treatment because he is currently so weak that it would make his worse. Which really sucks but I don't want to see him get any worse then he is now, it just breaks my heart to hear this kind of news. Along with that bad news that Dr. also said he gives him 3-6 months to live, now this is really something I wasn't excepting and it just tore me up. I can't even image that someday my Grandpa won't be here. He has done so much for me in my life that I just cherish him so much. To think one day I can't call him or go over and visit is just heart breaking. I do hope that the Dr is wrong and we have much more time with him, but only time will tell. 

We decided that since there was nothing else the hospital could do for him we wanted to bring him home where he would be more comfortable and happy. My mom got the hospice people to come out and got everything set up for his arrival home. I just can't believe we are having to even think about this and go through this, it's so hard but I'm trying to stay strong. My grandpa got to come home Wednesday and my mom and her husband have decided to stay down here and take care of him. I'm so thankful that he can be home and my mom is able to stay and take care of him. 

We are going to make the best of the time we have left with my Grandpa. 
I love you Grandpa. Stay strong and show this cancer who's boss! 

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