Monday, August 19, 2013

Update on My Grandpa

Sorry I have update yet but I have been busy and kinda wore out, so I haven't posted an update.

Anyways here is the update since Thursday....

Thursday he went into surgery at 9am and it last about 3hrs. Surgery went good and he stayed strong. :) He was in recovery for about 2hrs then they moved him to ICU to keep a good eye on him.

Friday during the day I called and checked to see how his night went and the nurse said everything was good. let's move to Friday night. I got a phone call around 9pm from the ICU, the nurse said that he woke up confused and didn't know where he was at. He wouldn't believe the nurse or the cop that came up to talk to him. So, Shane and I got dressed and headed up there to see if we could calm him down. We got there and he was a little calm, but he still didn't know where he was. We talked him down and finally got him to understand he was still at the hospital he had surgery out. We stayed there till he fall back to sleep which wasn't too long then we headed back home. They nurse said it could have been the morphine that he is taking so they completely stopped that. No more calls after that....

Now we are onto Saturday morning around 8am I got another call from the ICU that he woke up and was confused again and was pulling his IV out and trying to get out of bed to leave. He also kept thinking they were trying to kill him. He again didn't want to believe the nurses and he wanted to me there. Shane and I got ready and headed up there bright and early to talk him down again. Once we arrived the nurse said they have to give him something to calm him down because he started trying to hit them. He also was taking his bandage off where they took his kidney and mess with that. So, they gave him something to calm him down and they had to put mits and restrain his arms so he wouldn't try to hit or pull stuff out again. We waited around for about 2hrs before he finally woke up so we could talk to him. When he woke I asked him if he knew where he was and he said the hospital and that he made a mistake getting out of control. LOL.  He had family visit throughout the day on Saturday and I called to check on him. Nothing really changed throughout the day he was still confused but he wasn't being mean to the nurse or anything anymore. The nurse also said today his Sodium was low so that could also affect him and might be why he was like this.  

Sunday we headed out the farmer's market to get some veggies and seasonings then we headed up to the hospital to see how he was doing. When we got there he was awake for about a 1 min then he was out. We talked to the nurse again she said they have to keep his mits on b/c he keeps trying to pull everything out of him. Saturday night they also had to give him more meds to calm him down. They were going to have a Nuerologist come in to see what he thought was going on just to rule out anything possble. That evening I called and checked him. The nurse said the Nuero Dr came in and doesn't think they need to do a cat scan or that he had a stroke. He said with him being 81, going through a major surgery and being on pain meds could cause this and it will take sometime to get back to normal. So, no worries there for now. The physical therapist came in yesterday and they got him out of bed and stood at the end of the bed and took a couple steps. He is weak but he was able to do that, so that's good.

As of today nothing has changed. He is still confused. They are taking about moving him to a regular room today, but we will see if that happens.

I hate seeing my Grandpa like this but hopefully he will start coming around and realizing where he is at. We have been at the hospital everyday since Thursday and it's wearing me out, but I'm happy to be there with him if that's what he needs. I have been calling as well and checking on him at least twice a day if we don't make it up there.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and continue with them as he is on the slow road to recovery.

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