Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays.....

December is a busy month for everyone it's that time of year for for Christmas and everyone getting ready to spend time with families and loved ones. Well this month is especially busy for to the Wickliffe family....We have a total of 4 birthday to celebrate onto of Christmas! Yes I said 4 way too many right, LOL. But we all mange to make it through and do it all over again each year. It's just crazy how 1 family has so many birthdays right together right by the holidays. But we still have a good time and make each birthday special for them. We usually just all get together one day on the weekend and celebrate all the December birthdays with the family, it just seems easier that way these days. Last year I hosted the birthday celebration for the 1st time, so this year I offered to do it again. We got together at our place for snacks, gifts and cake what a better way to celebrate. :)

My niece Sydney made this cake. It's made all from scratch EVERYTHING! It was so yummy! 
Good Job Syd! I will be hitting her up to make me cakes from now on. ;)
 The inside of it.
All the gifts for everyone! 
Time for gifts....

 Time to make a wish
 In the middle of singing and had to snap a picture of mom and daughter celebrating together. Cute!
 Paige making a wish for everyone. :)

Happy Birthday all you December babies!! Until next year....

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