Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends. I hope Santa brought you all the goodies you wanted! :)
This year we had a wonderful Christmas and I just loved all my gifts I got and everyone loved the gifts we got them as well. Good times! We also had lots of yummy food and of course I ate way too much. Haha

Friday I decided to take a half day b/c I had a lot of baking to do for the weekend. I spent 3 hours in the kitchen making lots of goodies. I made chocolate snowdrops, quick little devil cookies, Fudge and pumpkin pie.

Christmas Eve morning Shane and I did our Christmas together. Lets see if I can remember everything we got each other....Kira dog got a bed, blanket, bone and a Kong. She is still getting used to her bed. LOL
Shane: In his stocking: Wallet, supplements, KU Koozie and Darth Vader candy dispenser.
His gifts: Rock Shoes, PS3 inter cooler, mesh drum heads for his rock band drums, under shirt, socks, Capital America long sleeve shirt w/ hat and subscription to a Rock Magazine. He's just a little spoiled :)
Me: In my stocking I got: Hat & Glove set, Chap Sticks, Tootsie Rolls and a Candy bar. All my gifts I got a camera bag, Memory card, Rechargeable Batteries, Inter cooler for my laptop and The Digital Photography Book Volume 1. I was so excited for all my new stuff! I love my bag! He did good this year.

Kira's stuff is ready to go
 Shane ready to open his gifts
 Me ready for gifts
 Our stocking stuff
 My gifts from Shane
 Shane's gifts from me

That evening we had some of my family over: My Mom & Step Dad, Grandpa, Brother, Sisters, Nick (my little sis boyfriend), Brother-n-Law and Nephew. We had snacks foods and desserts for that evening. We all hung out talked and then we opened gifts. This was the first year we had a lot of people over Christmas Eve. I really enjoyed it and hopefully next year we can have everyone over in our new house. Fingers Crossed :)

Snacks for the evening
 Everyone waiting to open gifts
 Lexan opening gifts
 Heather, Me, Kasey and Brandon
 Mom, Me, Grandpa, Brandon & Kasey

Christmas Day we got up and headed over to his dad's house for Christmas over there. We hung out and then opened gifts and finished cooking Christmas dinner. Dinner was so yummy!! After dinner we had to head out so I could go to my Grandma's for Christmas over there. We were busy Christmas Day seeing all our families and eating food! I was so sleepy by the time we got home from Grandma's I passed out shortly after I got home. And sleep pretty good that night.

Christmas @ The Wickliffe House

 Paige opening gifts
 Shane opening his gift
 Jo opening her gift from Shane and I 
 Sydney with one of her gifts from Shane and I 
 Dinner time!! YUM!!!

Lets see if I can remember all my goodies I got this year: I already mentioned what Shane got me.
From mom Fleece blanket
From Grandpa $100
From Kasey (sister) a shirt, cutting broad she made in wood shop and some candy
From Brandon (brother) perfume and some socks
From Grandma Pumpkin bread, Sweater, Charm for my bracelet, hair towel, keyboard/computer screen cleaner and some socks
From Jordann (sister-n-law) candle warmer with some candles
From Wayne (farther-n-law) hand soaps and location from Bath and Body Works.

Gifts Shane and I got together...
From Heather, Eric & Lexan AMC Movie Gift card
From My Dad & Step Mom gift card to Texas Roadhouse
From Sydney (Niece) box full of goodies she baked
From Kasey a gift card to Wallaby's Bar & Grill.

I think that is I feel like I may have forgot something. haha But I guess that will happen from getting so many exciting gifts!

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