Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is Coming!!!!!

I don't know about you but I'm SO STOKED for Christmas this year! This is the first time in a long time that I have actually enjoyed Christmas time and am so ready for it. Last year I made myself a goal to save money every paycheck for Christmas and I actually stuck to it and we had enough for Christmas this year where we didn't stress about money and all that fun stuff. I will make sure we save all year for Christmas every year. It made life so much easier and Christmas enjoyable. We had our shopping done prolly a few weeks into December and normally we are just starting shopping like the week before (and that is no fun). The last couple years Shane and I haven't really done gifts for each other but this year we did for sure! I'm excited to give him all his gifts. I'm pretty excited also about all the gifts we got people, we did good this year and I'm so happy with the outcome. I hope everyone enjoys there gifts too!
This week we got all the food items bought that we need to make sides and desserts. I don't believe in the years past we have gotten so much food for the holiday. But I'm really excited to be more involved with cooking and baking!! I took 1/2 day on Friday so I can get all the baking done for the weekend. I have a ton to do, so I will be posting my yummy desserts that are made. :) I can't wait to spend time with all our family!

Here are all our gifts wrapped and under the tree!! We couldn't believe we had so many gifts under there this year. I love all the gifts under the tree. I can't wait to have a bigger tree when we get a house! 
There are a few gifts not wrapped but those are gifts my brother got he will wrap them this weekend when he comes over. 

I hope everyone has a great holiday with friends and family. If you are traveling safe travels! 

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