Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shane's Birthday Week.....

Shane's birthday is today! A while ago I found this cute idea on a blog, so I thought I would do it for Shane's birthday this year. It's like a week long celebration where every morning he got a card with something new on it that he got each day. He had so much with this, he was excited every morning for his new card to see what his treat was that day. :). I started this a week before his birthday so he got 8 cards total.

Here are all the cards all ready to go!
Day 1 his favorite candy was hidden in the house, so he had to find it. He was so excited when he seen what kind of candy he got. I believe he ate the Chocolate bar the first day. The M&M's there are still some left. 

Day 2 he got to choose from going out to Breakfast or me cooking at home. He decided to have me cook at home. He said he likes our breakfast better then going out. How sweet, right?! LOL

Day 3 was movie night. He got to decide to go out to a movie or rent one. He wasn't feeling too good this day so he decided to rent one. He wanted to get 30 mins or less but they didn't have it so I got Super 8. When we went to watch this it was the wrong movie in the case. So we didn't get movie night on Monday. We took it back on Tuesday and they had 30 mins or less so we got that instead. It was pretty funny!

Day 4 was Ice Cream night. Shane loves Cold Stone but we don't go there often b/c it's so expensive, but since it's his bday I figured what the heck. We actually didn't make it out to get ice cream Tuesday night so this card is still open for when he wants ice cream. :)

Day 5 was the night to make his cake. We headed to the store for him to pick out the cake he wanted. He loves Confetti cake with vanilla frosting so that's what I made him. 

Day 6 he got to go out for is Birthday dinner from me. He favorite Steak house ever! Texas Roadhouse! 
It was so good!

Day 7 we both took the day off from work, so I let him pick where to go for lunch. There was a new place that just opened up so he decided we should check it out. It's called Pepperjax Grill. It was really good. We do plan on going back there.

Shane loves Sushi so he decided he wanted to get some friends together Friday night and go have Sushi. I don't care for it so I just had some Fried Rice and drinks while he enjoyed Sushi. 

Day 8 was his actual birthday so when I got up he got to open his gift. He actual got 2 gifts but one I gave him early just to make sure it fit and I didn't need to get a bigger size, it was a jacket. But I wanted him to have something to open on his special day so I went out and got him a nice shirt. 

Tonight we celebrate his birthday with some friends hanging out at our place. Hopefully he has a fun night!

Happy Birthday Honey!! I hope you had/have a great one this year! Love you!

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